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ГДЗ, английский язык, верещагина, spotlight, афанасьева 9класс across the curriculum literature №3 Read the extract and answer the questions.

PORTIA (dressed like a lawyer)
A pound of the merchant's flesh is yours.
The court awards it and the law authorises it.
Whal a righteous judge!
And you must rut this flesh from his chesl.
The law allows it, and the court awards it.
What a wise judge! A sentence! Gel ready!
Wait a moment, there is something else.
This contract does not give you any blood.
The exact words are 'a pound of flesh'.
So take your price of a pound of flesh.
But while you are cutting it, if you spill One drop of blood, you will die and everything you own According to the laws of Venice will be confiscated By the state of Venice.
Whal an upright judge! Pay attention! What a wise judge.
Is that the law?
You shall see for yourself.
For as you asked for justice, rest assured,
You shall have more justice than you want.
Read the extract and answer the questions.
1    Why does Shylock praise the lawyer?
2    Why does Bassanio praise the lawyer?
3    Why does Shylock change his mind and ask for the money?
4    Why does the lawyer tell Bassanio to wait and not rush?
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1.   The lawyer supports him and says the flesh is his, so he is happy.
2.   The lawyer then tricks Shylock and says if he takes the flesh, he will die and lose everything, so Bassanio is happy.
3.  Shylock does not want to die and lose everything he owns.
4. The lawyer wants to make Shylock very afraid by trying to enforce the penalty.
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