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Привет! Кто знает ответы? Lesson 30. № 11. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина.

Answer the following questions.
1.    Where and when did the King and the Queen live?
2.     What can you say about their daughter?
3.     Where was the Tower?
4.      Why did Rosie like to spend evenings by the fire in the Tower?
5.    Where did Rosie see the young man’s face?
6.    Why did the Queen send the young man out of the palace?


 Ответьте на следующие вопросы.
1)     Где и когда жили король и королева? - They lived in a wonderful
palace in the main square of the city not far from a tall tower
2)     Что вы можете сказать о их дочери? - Their daughter was 18. She
was very beautiful with her read-gold hair and sea-green eyes. She
was the most beautiful girl in the country. She liked to spend evenings
alone. She liked to sit near the fire and listen to the sound of the bell.
She didn’t want to sit on the throne, she wanted to love.
3)     Где была башня? - The Tower was not far from the palace. A wide
road led from it to the palace. It was next to Tower Bridge.
4)     Почему Рози любила проводить вечера у камина в башне? - Be-
cause she was never afraid to come to the hall and listen to the sound
of the bell. She felt quiet at home in the Tower.
5)     Где Рози увидела лицо юноши? - She saw a young man’s face in
the mirror in the Tower’s hall.
6)     Почему королева прогнала юношу из дворца? - She did so because
she thought that he wasn’t a true magician and he couldn’t marry her

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