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ГДЗ, английский язык, верещагина, spotlight, афанасьева 9класс Задание 5d №3

What do you get when you take the 'B' from the Indian city
of Bombay and exchange it 1) .............  the 'H' in Hollywood?
Bollywood, of course!
Bollywood is the nickname for the Indian film industry. It's
2)  .... new-the first Indian short film was made in 1899-and
3)  .... days it's massive! It is the largest film industry in the
world, making up to eight hundred films a year - twice as
many 4) .......  Hollywood. Sometimes, the films are made so
fast that the same actors shoot scenes for four different films on the same set 5)................ the same time!
So, 6) .......  are actually plenty of differences between
Bollywood and Hollywood! Firstly, Bollywood films are actually more like musicals, with lots of singing, dancing and colourful costumes. They are usually in the Hindi language
and last three 7)........ four hours. They can be 8)........... family
relationships, unusual coincidences or kidnappers and villains, but most often they are classic romantic tales of 'boy meets girl'. In fact, some young people say that they find the storylines a 9)            too predictable.
Bollywood's biggest audience outside India is in Britain,
10)..... many Indians went to live about fifty years 11)...............
It's not just Indians who watch the films, though. There have been some popular Bollywood films in English, such
12) ......  'Bride and Prejudice' and 'Monsoon Wedding'.
There are even Bollywood waxworks at Madame Tussauds!


1)   for;
2)    not;
3)    these;
4)    as;
5)    at;
6)    there;
7)    to;
8)    about;
9)    bit;
10)   where;
11)   ago;
12)   as.

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