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Заполните пробелы Culture Corner 3 № 3 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Complete the gaps with the correct words derived from the words in brackets. Explain the words in bold.
Sail to Liberty and Ellis Islands in New York City’s harbour and see the world’s most symbolic monument to freedom and the 1)........... (history) gateway to America!
Ellis Island
Between 1892 and 1954, more than 12 million, mainly passengers sailing third-class from
Russia, Italy, Ireland and many other 2)    (Europe) countries, passed through the
immigration station on Ellis Island in search of democracy, freedom and opportunity. In fact, about 50% of Americans have at least one ancestor who entered the USA through Ellis Island! Here, each would-be immigrant had to meet strict health and legal
3).... (require) before they were allowed to begin their new lives as American citizens.
Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty
For millions of 4).............................................................. (immigrate), the Statue of Liberty was the first 5)............................. (see) they had of
their new homeland as they sailed into New York Harbour. Given to America as a gift from the French in 1884, it stands 93m tall and depicts a woman dressed in a loose-fitting robe escaping
6)..... (oppress), symbolised by the shackles1 which lie at her feet. In her right hand she holds a
torch, representing liberty, and in her left she holds a tablet reading “July 4th, 1776” - the date
of the 7). (declare) of American Independence. She wears a crown with seven sun-like
rays on her head, representing the seven continents and seas of the world. On your tour of Liberty Island, take a look inside ‘Lady Liberty’ and visit the museum to see a life-size
replica of the statue’s face and foot. Don’t miss the 8)      (fame) inscription by
Emma Lazarus which has come to symbolize the statue’s message of hope for those coming to America or searching for freedom around the world!


Practising word formation; expanding vocabulary
•      Ss read through the whole text silently with the
•      Ss read through again and complete the word-
formation exercise.
•      Check Ss' answers on the board.
•      Ask Ss to try to guess the meaning of the words
in bold from their context.
•     Ss then explain the words in bold using their
dictionaries by giving synonyms, explanations,
antonyms or examples.

Suggested Answer Key
harbour: area for boats, usually protected
from the sea by a wall
freedom: ability to do, think, say whatever
you want
gateway: sth that is used as an entrance
passed through: moved from one place/area
to another
immigration: mass movement of people into a
opportunity: chance
would-be: wanting/trying to be
legal: not a crime
homeland: country which someone calls their
depicts: shows
loose-fitting robe: dress that is not tight
torch: wood that is burning, used for light
tablet: flat piece of stone that has sth written
on it
crown: a circular ornament worn on someone’s
rays : beams of light
continents: areas of land bigger than countries
life-size: of the same size as the person or
thing sth represents
replica: an accurate copy of sth

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