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Заполните 2C № 8 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Fill in: off, on, up, down, up with. Check in Appendix 2. Make sentences using the phrasals.
1   He put me....... while I was in London. (offer
2   Due to snow we put....... our trip, (postpone)
3   Put...... your jacket. It’s cold. (dress oneself)
4  ....... I can’t put     rude people. (tolerate)


Practising phrasal verbs (put)
•      Explain that each sentence can be completed
using a phrasal verb.
•     Ss complete the task individually.
•     Check Ss' answers, eliciting the meaning of
each phrasal verb.
•     As an extension activity ask Ss to choose a
phrasal verb and draw a picture to illustrate its
meaning. Play in teams. Ss from each team
show their drawings in turn. The other team
guesses what the phrasal verb is.
Answer Key
1      up      3 on          5 down
2     off     4 up with
Suggested Answer Key
1    My grandparents always put me up when I
visit their country cottage.
2     The concert has been put off because the
singer has caught a cold.
3    A baby needs help to put on its clothes
4     It’s hard to put up with mobile phones
going off all the time when you are
travelling on public transport.
5     My sister is always putting her husband

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