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Закончите Across the Curriculum 1 № 2 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Use the words breeds (1-10) in the correct fern, to complete the taps. Ехlain the words in bokd
Upper & Middle Class Families
Families were very important to Victorians. They
were usually large, with an average family 1)...................
(have) at least five or six children.
The father, who perhaps worked in banking or
insurance, was the head of the household. The
children would speak 2)............... (polite) to him, and call
him "Sir". The mother was responsible for 3).........................
(run) the household and would usually spend her time
planning dinner parties or visiting her dressmaker or
friends. Children saw very little of 4)........................ (they)
parents and spent most of the day in the nursery with a nanny1 as Victorians firmly believed that a child
should be 'seen and not 5)................ (hear)'!
Upper and middle class families lived in large, 6)...................
(comfort) houses and had  such as a cook and kitchen maids to prepare the family meals, a butler to answer the door and wait on the family, and housemaids to carry out household chores such as
washing clothes, cooking and cleaning.
For entertainment, families 7).................. (visit) new parks
and museums, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum.


Practising word formation/
Expanding vocabulary
•      Elicit from Ss some of the ways in which life
was different in the Victorian era.
•      Explain/Elicit the difference in meaning
between upper/middle/working class families.
•      Draw Ss' attention to gaps 1-10 and the words
in brackets. Explain the task.
•     Allow Ss time to read the text and complete
the task individually.
•     Ss listen to the recording and check their
•     Ss explain the words in bold by giving a
definition, synonym or example using their
dictionaries as necessary.
Answer Key
1     having                        6  comfortable
2     politely                       7  visited
3     running                      8  uncommon
4      their                            9  outdoor
5      heard                10   younger
Suggested Answer Key
average: typical, normal
household: the people in a family or group
who live together in a house
nursery: a room in a family home in which the
young children of the family sleep or play
servants: people who are employed to work at
another person’s home
running water: water that you can get by
turning on a tap
pump: a machine that is used to force a liquid
or gas to flow
coal mines: places where coal is dug out of
the ground
cotton mills: factories where cotton is processed
chimney sweeps: people who clean chimneys
fairgrounds: areas of land where a fair is held
firework displays: events at which many
bright fireworks are lit to entertain the public

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