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Предложите 1E № 2 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a) Read the model. Match the headings to the paragraphs: A personality & justifications, В comments & feelings, C name andwhen/where/how met, D physical appearance, E interests
My Dearest Friend
1 Sunny and I met on the first day of
secondary school on a warm autumn day. After
class I told her that her name described the
weather perfectly that day. She laughed, and we
became friends.
2  Sunny is an attractive girl in her late teens. She is tall,
slender and dark-skinned and she usually wears her shoulder-
length brown hair in a ponytail, which highlights her high
cheekbones and long oval face. When she smiles, her almond-
shaped eyes sparkle and her whole face lights up. She wears
light makeup and fashionable clothes.
3  Sunny has an incredibly warm personality. She is
supportive and knows how to encourage people when they're
feeling down. However, she tends to be very stubborn and
determined. Once she's made up her mind about something, no
one can make her change it!
4  Sunny always lives life to the full. In fact, she finds it very
difficult to sit still for long! She's always humming her favourite
songs, too, whatever she's doing! She's adventurous and loves
discovering things about people and places.
5   -Sunny is a marvellous friend who really lives up to her
name. I find it hard to imagine what my life would be like if I
hadn't met her.
b) The topic sentences in the main body paragraphs summarise each paragraph. Suggest other topic sentences.


a) Reading for detailed comprehension
• Select a S to read the model article to the
•      Draw Ss' attention to paragraph headings A-
E. Allow Ss a few minutes to reread the
article individually and match the headings
and paragraphs.
•     Check Ss' answers.
Answer Key
A personality and justifications - para 3
B comments and feelings - para 5
C name and when/where/how met - para 1
D physical appearance - para 2
E interests - para 4
b)  Providing alternative topic
•      Review the concept of topic sentences with
Ss and select some Ss to read out the topic
sentences in the article.
•      Working individually, Ss provide alternative
topic sentences and then compare answers
with a partner.
Suggested Answer Key
para 1: School was boring until a new girl with
a strange name joined the class.
para 2: Everyone agrees that Sunny is very
para 3: Sunny is a really sociable character.
para 4: She always makes sure she has plenty
to do.
para 5: Sunny is the best friend I have.

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