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Прослушайте 1B № 4 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Look at the form. What is it for? Now listen and fill in the gaps (1-6).


Listening for specific information
•      Direct Ss' attention to the form. Elicit/Explain
what a 24-hour Help line is (a number you can
call at any time of day or night to get help
with a problem).
•      Play the recording. Ss listen and fill in the gaps.
•      Check Ss' answers.
Answer Key
1     Smythe                 4  3
2     visitors                 5  diary
3     rubbish                6  the police
Volunteer: Hello. ‘Neighbours From Hell' help line. Who's
calling, please?
Woman: My name is Mary Smythe.
Volunteer: Mary Smith?
Woman: No, Smythe. It's S-M-Y-T-H-E.
Volunteer: Ok, Mrs. Smythe. How may I help you?
Woman: Well, I've been having some serious problems
with my new neighbours and I just don't know what to do.
Volunteer: What kind of problems?
Woman: Well, my main complaint is that they are so
noisy. They play their music full blast and always have
lots of visitors coming round to their house and making
a lot of noise. There is so much noise that I can't sleep
at night, and I can't work during the day. I can't even
watch TV quietly in my own home!
Volunteer: I see. Any other complaints?
Woman: Unfortunately, yes. Lots of rubbish has also
appeared in my back garden recently. I'm sure they have
been throwing it there. It looks so untidy! What can I do?
Volunteer: How long has this been going on?
Woman: For about three months now.
Volunteer: Have you tried talking to them and explaining how you feel?
Woman: Yes, I spoke to them the first week they moved
in and explained that this was a quiet neighbourhood,
but they just laughed.
Volunteer: Well then, I suggest you do the following.
Write down the dates, times and causes of the noise
and any other trouble in a diary. If you can't resolve
the problem in a friendly way, you may need to involve
the police and the more information you have, the
Woman: Ok. I'll start doing that right away.
Volunteer: And please call us any time. We are there to
support and help in any way we can.
Woman: Thank you very much.

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