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Задание 3 Listening&Speaking skills. Reading. Sportlight. Английский язык. 10 класс. О.В. Афанасьева ГДЗ

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Read the first two exchanges and answer the questions. Listen, read and check.
1      What’s the relationship between Kim and Julie?
2      Why is Kim angry?
3      What is the dialogue about?
Laura: What’s the matter, Kim?
Kim: I’ve had enough!
Laura: What do you mean?
Kim: It’s Julie - my so-called friend - she’s cancelled our plans again. She’s always doing it and it hurts my feelings.
Laura: But she looks so sweet and caring ...
Kim: That’s what most people think ... but she only cares about herself and she only goes out with me when she has nothing better to do.
Laura: Oh, come on! Aren’t you being a bit mean?
Kim: No ... she might be nice to you ... but she keeps letting me down.
Laura: Oh well... forget about it... why don’t we rent a DVD?
Kim: Alright... any ideas?
Laura: There’s that comedy ... you know ... what’s it called?...Forever Friends.
Kim: Oh, perfect!


1. Kim and Julie are friends.
2  Because Julie cancelled their plans again.
3  Kim is telling Laura why she is angry with her friend.

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