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Выпишите № 109 ГДЗ Английский 9 класс Биболетова М.З.

Read the text and write down all the places of public entertainment mentioned in it.
Some Tips on Where to Go
and What to See in Moscow
There is no need to rack one's brains about outings in Moscow as
the cultural life is intense. A lot of famous theatres and galleries
are there. The Bolshoi and the Maly Theatres are in the centre of
Moscow in Teatralnaya Square. Just round the corner there is the
Moscow Art Theatre (the MkhAT). The Operetta Theatre is a two-
minute walk from the Teatralnaya Square as well. It's incredible, but
there are about ninety theatres in Moscow (apart from the different
studios and theatrical societies), more than seventy museums and
a great number of exhibitions of all kinds.
In spite of the wide choice, it is not easy to recommend
something to a foreigner. Tastes differ, you know. But even if
you have no idea of the person's interests, there are some places
to suggest. They may not be at the top of the list of Moscow
entertainment, but they promise great enjoyment for a person of any
age and background.
One of these places is the fairy world of the Yury Nikulin Old
Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard. It is really old, one of the oldest
circuses in Russia. It was opened in 1880 and since that time has
been working non-stop (even during the Great Patriotic War). The
Old Circus has always had the reputation of one of the best circuses
in the world. It is famous for its very good programmes for children.
People still remember brilliant clowns like Karandash and Oleg
Popov. Yury Nikulin also worked there and now the circus is named
after him: the Nikulinsky Circus.
In 1980s, the circus was rebuilt, but the atmosphere of the Old
Circus remained the same: warm and homelike. Today, more than
2000 spectators can watch amazing programmes. Wild animals, like
tigers and elephants, often take part in the performances.
If you want to see sea animal performances, you'll have to go
to another kind of circus: the Moscow Dolphinarium. It is the best
opportunity for those who want to see marine mammals, such as
dolphins, sea lions and seals.
The performance is rather short (it only lasts for about one hour),
but the actors are splendid and amaze adults as well as kids. People
can admire a huge white whale and several dolphins performing
together. And what a delight it is when a dolphin touches your hand!
These places of public entertainment are different from other
more popular attractions. They seem to be more real and less
commercial. It's quite possible that it's this kind of entertainment
that attracts people to Moscow.


Прочитайте текст и выпишите все достопримечательности, упомянутые в нем.
The Bolshoi Theatre, the Maly Theatre, Teat- ralnaya Square, the Moscow Art Theatre, the Operetta Theatre, the Yury Nikulin Old Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard, the Moscow Dolphinarium.

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