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Прочитайте № 78 ГДЗ Английский 9 класс Биболетова М.З.

Work in groups of 3 or 4. Read one of the texts and discuss the questions after it.
Say what kind of a person Sally, Sharon, Rick, and Daniel are.
A Last summer I was in a language school in
Malta ['mɔ:ltǝ]. I had won an English language
competition and the prize was a two-week
trip. I enjoyed it greatly, but there was one
thing that really spoilt my impression. It was
my roommate. She was a cute (симпатичная)
girl but a real chatterbox. In the morning,
when we got up, she used to talk about
clothes and boys all the time. She kept talking
about these same things during the breaks
between our classes, and even in the evening
I had no chance to escape from her "boys and
I'm not a bore and I'm certainly not a
bookworm who is interested only in studying.
didn't feel jealous either, but her silly
talking made me mad and even the sound
of her voice seemed to me very annoying.
Sometimes I told her that her clothes looked
stupid and didn't suit her at all or made fun of
the boy she liked. She was quieter when she
was upset. Then I felt ashamed of how I spoke
to her:

1  What kind of girl was Sally’s roommate,
according to Sally’s words?
2   Why did Sally tell her roommate
unpleasant things?
3   Do you approve of Sally’s behaviour?
В I think sharing a room with a person your
age is a great experience. You learn to
live in the world of adults where you
have to take care of yourself and have
everything depend on you. Unlike your
mum or dad, your roommate is not going
to accept all your "nice and lovely" habits
and support you in every situation. You
have to earn his or her friendship and any
good feelings he or she has for you. This
means that you shouldn't do anything
that hurts your roommate. The law of co-
existence is very simple: you can do
anything you like but not at other
people's expense (за счет других). In
other words, you can enjoy yourself as
long as it doesn't hurt other people.
Observe this law yourself, make your
roommate do the same and everything
will be all right.

1   What advantages does Sharon see in
sharing a room?
2     What is Sharon’s law of co-existence?
3    Do you think observing this law can make
sharing easy and trouble-free?


78.    Работайте в группах no 3 или 4 человека. Прочитайте один из текстов и обсудите вопросы после него. Скажите, какими людьми являются Салли, Шэрон, Рик и Дэниел.
A.    1) Sally was a cute girl but a real chatterbox.
2)   Sally did it in order to make the girl be upset and to make her keep quiet for a while.
3)   No, I think I would be better for her just to say to that girl, that she wasn’t very interested in her boys and clothes.
B.   1) Sharon thinks that sharing a room helps you to learn to live in the world of adults, to earn your roommate’s friendship and good feelings.
2)   You can do anything you like but not at other people’s expense.
3)   I think yes, but the more important point is to make your roommate also obey this law, and only then it will work.
C.   1) Daniel thinks that a person sharing a room can do anything lie wants and not only what his parents want him to do.
2) He thinks that there is no use in tidiness, because home is not a museum and there is no trouble if someone keeps his dollies on the sofa or even under it.
3)   I think he is not very good roommate, because he likes to do everything he wants and doesn’t care about his roommate’s opinion at all, although maybe his roommate doesn’t like seeing clothes lying everywhere in the room.
A.   1) Rick feels absolutely comfortable about sharing a room with seven boys.
2)  The secret is to think about the other seven people.
Don’t argue with somebody without any reason, and if somebody is arguing or fighting, try to calm them down.

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