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Выберите ответ № 110 ГДЗ Английский 9 класс Биболетова М.З.

Choose the best answer to the
question and the best ending to
complete the sentences.
1    Which of the following statements is not
A There is a great concentration of theatres
of all kinds in Moscow.
В Teatralnaya Square got its name because
there are several theatres in and near it.
C The Operetta Theatre is the most famous
theatre in Moscow.
D Besides the theatres, there are lots of
different studios and musical societies
in Moscow.
2    It can be difficult to recommend a place for
entertainment to a stranger...
A because there are not enough places worth
В because different people like different
C because people seldom go out in Moscow.
D because everything is very expensive.
3     The Old Circus is an interesting place...
A for children.
В for elderly people.
C for tourists.
D for most people.
4     The Old Circus is named after...
A the famous clown Karandash.
В the famous actor Yuri Nikulin.
C the mayor of Moscow.
D the well-known clown Oleg Popov.
5    Places like the Old Circus and the Moscow
Dolphinarium are different from other
A because they are very far from the centre.
В because they produce programmes only
for kids.
C because they are real and less commercial
D because people working there are very
polite and friendly.


Выберите лучший ответ на вопрос и лучшее окончание, чтобы дополнить предложение.
1.    - С.
2.     -В.
3.     -D.
4.     - В.
5.      -С.

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