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Unit 2. Section 2. № 76. ГДЗ Английский язык Enjoy English 9 класс Биболетова. Как описать предпочтения.

Say how you feel about the following choices. Use I’d rather..., I’d prefer +
noun, I’d prefer + infinitive... and give your reasons.
a)      to watch a thriller or a soap opera
b)     to join a football team or go to a boxing club
c)      to continue your education or start working
d)      to take an exam in physics or in English
e)      to travel by train or by plane
Example: I’d rather watch a thriller than a soap opera. I enjoy dynamic [dai'næmik] plots.
I’d prefer a thriller to a soap opera. I enjoy dynamic plots.


Скажите, что из нижепредложенного вы предпочитаете.
a)    I’d rather watch a thriller than a soap opera because I enjoy exciting action films; and besides that, I think that most of soap operas are quite silly, uninteresting and even boring.
b)    I’d rather prefer to join a football team because I like football very much. I always watch football matches and always play it with my friends on the stadium. As for boxing, it is also a very exciting kind of sport, but, in my opinion, you shouldn’t think much in that kind of sport. That’s why I’m not very keen on boxing.
c)    I would prefer to continue my education because I really want to get a high or at least a specialized secondary education. Of course some people think it is not bad to start working and earning money. But you will have greater opportunities and earn much more when you have a higher education.
d)    I think I would prefer to take exam in English because it is more interesting for me. But of course, both physics and English will be very useful for me while studying in the university or in the college. That’s why I think it is silly not to use a chance to continue your education if you have it.
e)    I’m fond of travelling by plane, that’s why I would prefer to travel by plane. It is not only much faster than all the other means of travelling but also one of the most exciting. This feeling of being high above the ground can’t be compared with anything else. But I had also travelled by train several times usually in summer and I should say, it is awful when you can’t do anything, even sleep because of the hot weather and there are no air-conditioners.

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