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Помогите написать время глаголов. Unit 2. Section 1. № 5. ГДЗ Английский язык Enjoy English 9 класс Биболетова.

Use the verbs in the Past Simple or Present Perfect / Present Perfect Continuous.
1   He likes his quiet life. He ... (never / leave) his village.
2    For two years, Jason ... (travel) all over the continent and at last he settled in a little town in South Africa.
3    I can’t imagine him sitting quietly at home in front of the TV He ... (run) somewhere since the day he was born.
4    When Chris was a little boy. he ... (read) a lot about travellers, pirates and sea adventures. No wonder he has become a sailor.
5    Maggie's plane must be somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean. She ... (fly) for two hours already.
6    The Browns ... (live) in Canada for three years and then they moved to America.
7    The Browns ... (live) in America for six months already.
8    I love travelling by air, but I ... (fly) for two years.
9    For many centuries travellers in Africa ... (suffer) from unknow diseases but now doctors can help in most cases.


Используйте глаголы в Past Simple или Present Perfect/Present Perfect Continuous.
1)     has never left;
2)      travelled;
3)      has been running;
4)      read;
5)      has been flying;
6)      lived;
7)      have been living/have lived;
8)      haven’t flown;
9)      have been suffering.

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