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Составьте диалог № 120 ГДЗ Английский 9 класс Биболетова М.З.

Work in pairs. Make up a dialogue
between Michael and the woman
in the booking office. Use the
information in the box below and the
following phrases.


 Работайте в парах. Составьте диалог
между Мишелем и продавщицей билетной
кассы. Используйте информацию в рамке
и приведенные ниже фразы.
—   Hello. The booking office of the Central Cinema. Can I help you?
—   Yes, please. Can you tell me what’s on today? I would like to see either a musical or a comedy.
—   Then I can offer you one comedy, but there are also a horror film and a melodrama.
—   Thanks, but I’m afraid we are not keen on horror films and melodramas also. Can I reserve two tickets for 7.00?
—   I’m sorry but there is only one free ticket. I can offer you two tickets in the last row for 1.30.
—   No, I want to have seats not in the first or in the last row; and for the time between 5.00 and 9.00.
—   Then I can offer you tickets for 8.00. There are seats in the rows from the first till the eight available.
—   That’s good. Then can we reserve two tickets for 8.00 in the third row please?
—    Certainly. Can you tell me your name?
—    Petrov.
—    OK. Two seats are reserved for your name.
—    Thank you.
Not at all.

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