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Сопоставьте 2A № 3 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Match the underlined words/phrases in the text
with their meanings: important information, make
a difficult situation better, increases, time just
before, cause you to remain alert/ready, unable to
manage, basically, going crazy, over a long period



Matching words/phrases and their
•     Draw Ss' attention to the words/phrases in the
text that are underlined and read through the
list of meanings. Check Ss' comprehension.
•     Allow Ss time to complete the task. Check
answers around the class.
•     Once Ss have finished matching, tell them to
write a sentence for each item of vocabulary.
Answer Key
mounts - increases
run-up - period of time just before an event
lowdown - important information
in a nutshell - basically
keep you on your toes - cause you to remain
in the long term - over a long period of time
out of hand - uncontrollable
lighten the load - make a difficult situation
grin and bear it - accept it without complaining
overwhelmed - unable to manage
keep things in perspective - judge how important
something really is
pulling your hair out - going crazy
Suggested Answer Key
1    As pressure at work mounts, so does my
level of stress.
2     I was so excited in the run-up to
3     What’s the lowdown on the new
generation of mobile phones?
4     Global warming, in a nutshell, is the rise
in the Earth’s temperature.
5     Having regular tests at school will keep
you on your toes.
6     Saving the environment will, in the long
term, save the human race.
7     The police did not let the football fans
get out of hand.
8     I need a secretary to lighten the load.
9 My car broke down when it was pouring
with rain, but I just had to grin and bear it.
10     Graham was overwhelmed with work and
had to stay late at the office.
11    Always keep things in perspective and
try not to exaggerate.
12   Polly was pulling out her hair with worry.

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