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Сопоставьте 1E № 4 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a)  Match the adjectives to their justifications.
Make sentences, as in the example.

a always looks on the bright side of life
b never stops chatting
c is always telling people what to do
d only cares about him/herself
e is always on the go
f has lots of friends and is liked by everyone
g isn’t easily annoyed, worried or upset
h doesn’t like working
i has a strong desire to be successful in life
j gets angry really easily
  My dad is an energetic person who’s always on the go.
b)  Fill in: aggressive, pessimistic, generous, hard-working, outgoing, arrogant, sensitive, cheerful.
1             Ben is so............. He believes that a job isn’t
worth doing unless it’s done properly.
2            Alison is quite.............. She often picks fights
with people and gets angry really easily.
3             Jake is............. He’s the life and soul of the
party and loves meeting new people.
4             Joe is a.......... person. He always expects the
5            Tanya is............. She’s always got a smile on
her face aod never Jets anything get her down.
6              I’ve never met anyone as............ as Sally. She’s
always buying people gifts.
7             John is so......... ! He thinks he’s more important
and better than everyone else.
8             Sam is a........... guy. He’s a great listener and
seems to understand when you’re feeling down.


a) Understanding character adjectives
•      Read through character adjectives 1-10 with
the class and check Ss' comprehension.
•     Complete item 1 together as a class and
then allow Ss a few minutes to complete the
rest of the task individually.
•     Ss compare answers with a partner.
Answer Key
1     e         3    b         5 c             7    i          9 j
2     g         4    h         6 a             8    d         10 f
Suggested Answer Key
1    My little brother is so energetic that he
won’t sit still for one minute.
2     John’s a really easy-going guy and nothing
annoys him.
3     Dan is so talkative that I can’t get any
work done.
4     My brother is too lazy to get out of bed in
the morning.
5     Ira is so bossy that no one likes him at all.
6     I’m always optimistic and can see the
bright side of anything.
b)   Practising character adjectives
•      Explain the task. Allow Ss some time to
complete the task.
•      Elicit answers from Ss around the class.
Answer Key
1     hard-working            5   cheerful
2     aggressive                 6  generous
3     out-going                   7  arrogant
4      pessimistic               8  sensitive

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