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Сделайте 3E № 8 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a) Read the rubrics and underline the key words.
What do you have to write about in each case?
What is your opinion? Give reasons.
A   A magazine is asking for opinions on the
following: All teenagers should help with
household chores. Write an essay, giving
reasons/examples to support your point of view.
В   You have had a class discussion about the
following: Is it a good idea for a child to look
after a pet from a young age? Now your teacher
would like you to write an essay, stating your
opinion and giving reasons/examples. (120-180
 Work in pairs. Think about rubric A again and match the possible viewpoints (1-3) with the reasons (A-C). What is the writer’s opinion? Add more reasons/examples to the viewpoints where possible, and suggest one more viewpoint of your own with reasons/examples. Finally, suggest a suitable way to begin/end this essay.
C    Now think about rubric B. Decide on your opinion and make a similar table of possible viewpoints with reasons/examples. How could you begin/end the essay?


Analysing rubrics
•      Explain the task and allow Ss time to
identify the key words and prepare answers
to the questions.
•      Elicit answers from Ss around the class.
Answer Key
A key words: magazine, opinions, teenagers,
help, household chores, essay, giving reasons/
The subject is teenagers helping with
household chores.
B key words: class discussion, child, look after
pet, essay, opinion, giving reason/examples
The subject is young children looking after
Suggested Answer Key
A My opinion is that teenagers should help
with household chores. It teaches them
responsibility. Others in the family will rely
on the teenager to complete the chores and
they will learn the consequences if they
don’t complete them. In addition they learn
important living skills they will need as
adults. Cooking, helping with the shopping,
cleaning and maintaining the house are
useful chores they will need to know when
they live on their own as adults.
B My opinion is that a child should look after a
pet from a young age. They learn responsibility
by caring and feeding the pet. They also learn
respect for animals by creating a special
relationship with another living thing.
b) Matching and providing viewpoints and reasons
•      Focus Ss' attention on rubric A again and
explain the task.
•      Allow Ss time to complete the task in pairs.
•      Monitor the activity.
•      Invite some pairs to share their answers
with the class.
Answer Key
1C 2 A 3 B
The writer believes that teenagers should help
with household chores as there are two points
in support and one against.
Suggested Answer Key
Viewpoint 1 example: Cleaning, cooking, and
shopping are some of the valuable chores that
teenagers would learn that are useful as adults.
Viewpoint 2 reason: they should be allowed
to enjoy their free time.
Viewpoint 3 reason: By sharing chores they
learn to work as a group and cooperate with
Additional viewpoint
It provides the opportunity for teenagers and
parents to interact which so rarely happens
reason/example: By discussing with the
teenager the chores and agreeing on what will
be done.
Beginning: Is it a good idea for teenagers to
help out with household chores?
Ending: Isn’t it important to do everything
possible to prepare our teenagers for the
challenges of adulthood?
c)  Planning an essay
•      Focus Ss' attention on rubric B. Read out the
questions to the class.
•      Allow Ss time to prepare their answers
•      Ask various Ss to read their answers to the
Beginning: Many families enjoy having a
wonderful pet in their home, however should
a young child be allowed to take care of a pet?
Ending: Both small children and pets are
rewarded from the loving relationship they
create together.

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