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Проверьте список 2A № 5 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Choose the correct word. Check in the Word List.
1   A: You look like you’ve been under/with a lot
of stress lately.
В: I have. I’m totally losing/missing control!
2   A: I can’t cope/face with aft this pressure.
B: Take/keep it easy. Things will get better.
3   A: Is there something you want to get off
your chest/mind?
B: I’ve broken/taken up with Sue.
4    A: Let’s meet on Sunday.
B: Sorry. I’m up to my nose/eyes in schoolwork.
5   A: Stop it. He can’t take/cope the stress.
B: A little pressure won’t harm/ hurt.
6   A: He’s going through a really hard time.
В: I know. His parents’ divorce has caused/ brought him great emotional stress.
7   A: This workload is killing/dying me.
B: Cheer up. Two more weeks and then it’ll be over/up.


Preparing a talk about stress
•     Review with Ss how to prepare a talk. (Preparing
short notes using the categories given, practising
their talk and timing it). Remind Ss that they
should refer back to the text for ideas and that
they should not write every word down.
•     Allow time for Ss to prepare their talks.
•     Ss deliver their talks to the class.
Suggested Answer Key
Stress is the natural reaction the human body has
to deal with life’s changes. When we are
stressed, our muscles tense, our breathing
becomes shallow and adrenaline is released into
our bloodstream. This helps us focus and gives us
the strength to survive in difficult situations.
Stress is sometimes good because it keeps us
alert, but it is bad for the heart and our general
well-being if we have a lot. Thankfully, we can
quite often avoid stress and we can also learn
how to cope with it. When I feel stressed, for
example, when I have too much work to do, am
sitting exams or am organising an important
event, I try to do a lot of aerobic exercise or
listen to some calm music. That usually helps. etc

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