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Прочтите теорию 2E № 2 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Read the theory boxes. Which of the extracts 1-6 are from informal and which from semi- formal letters? How do you know?
Informal & semi-formal letters/emails We normally write informal (friendly) letters or emails to close relatives, friends, people of our own age or other people we know well. We write semi-formal letters or emails to people we do not know very well or when we want to be more polite and respectful a
friend’s parents, a teacher etc.
Semi-formal writing is characterised by a more polite tone than informal. It uses less colloquial language Thank you very much for your letter (NOT: Thanks a lot for your letter), and fewer short forms (I’ll, can’t), phrasal verbs (get on, settle in) & idioms Telephone me if I can help you with ... (NOT:  Give me a ring if you-need a hond-with...)


Understanding the style of informal
and semi-formal letters
•     Ask Ss what makes a letter formal or informal
(the choice of language). Elicit some examples
of formal/informal language and write them on
the board under two columns.
•     Select a S to read out the theory box to the
•     Ss' books closed, Ss explain the theory to a
partner using their own words.
•     Explain the task. Ss work in pairs.
•      Invite pairs to share their answers with the class.
Answer Key
1    semi-formal (Looking forward to meeting you)
2     informal (Hi Sally!)
3     semi-formal (Regarding our recent telephone
4      informal (Lots of love)
5     semi-formal (Dear Mrs Carter, I am writing
on behalf...)
informal (Hi Megan)

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