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Прочитайте классу 2D № 8 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Portfolio: Imagine the
story is taxing place today.Write your story.
Think about: where the characters are, what
they wear, how John mistreats Jane & why,
what other characters take part, what
happens in the end
Read your story to the class.


Writing a modern version of the
•     Ss read the rubric.
•     Check comprehension of the task by asking Ss:
What are you going to write? (a modern version
of "Jane Eyre”) What will it be about? (the
characters, what they wear, how John mistreats
Jane and why, what happens in the end).
•     Allow Ss time to complete the task.
•     Select some Ss to read out their stories to the
Suggested Answer Key
I often remember relaxing on the sofa and my
step-brother Danny would storm in and disturb
me. How I hated living in that house! Ever since
mum died and dad married Sharon my life had
been hell. Danny always found new ways to
irritate me. He used to grab my mobile phone
and hide it somewhere. Just because he was
Sharon’s little ‘golden boy’, he thought he
could do anything. He hated sharing his house
with me as much as I hated being there. He
wanted all of the attention to himself.
And he did get more attention than me - and
more pocket money too. He spent it all on
clothes. He liked to wear designer stuff
whereas I had to make do with second-hand.
Many years later, when I got married to my
true love and had my own family, I vowed to
treat my children equally and make our home
full of happiness. I am glad to say things are
working out really well for me now. etc

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