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Прочитайте 2E № 10 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Read the rubrics below and find
the key words. Then discuss: reason for
writing; who will read the letter/email;
how you would begin/end; what style you
would write in; what information you
would include in each paragraph.
A) A visiting speaker recently came to your school to give a talk on peer pressure. Your teacher has asked you to write a letter on behalf of your class to thank her (120-150 words). Include:
•   why your class appreciated the talk
•   if she can come again and speak to another class
В) You are studying in England. Your English friend, Tom, has sent you an email with a request. Read Tom’s email and the notes you have made. Reply to Tom’s email, using all your notes. (120-150 words)


Understanding rubrics
•      Read out the rubrics one at a time and ask Ss to
underline the key words.
•      Then elicit answers to the questions in the
rubric from various Ss around the class.
Answer Key
A key words: talk on peer pressure, write
letter, on behalf of class, thank her
reason for writing: thank and invite
who will read the letter/email: visiting
how to begin/end: Dear Mrs + (surname)/
Regards, (full name)
what style to write in: semi-formal
B key words: English friend, Tom, request,
email, notes
reason for writing: invite and give
who will read the letter/email: Tom (a
how to begin/end: Hi Tom!/Lots of love,
what style to write in: informal
what information to include in each paragraph
A &B:
para 1         opening remarks/reason for writing
paras 2, 3 main subject(s) of letter/email
para 4  closing remarks

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