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Прочитайте 1E № 9 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

а)   Work in pairs. Read the rubric and discuss: who you could describe; what tense you would use; how many paragraphs you would write and what you would include in each.
You have read the following in a teenage magazine:
Describe someone you admire and win a ticket to a club!
Explain why you admire him/her.
(120-180 words)
Write your answer. Answer the
questions in the checklist before you hand
Checklist for descriptions of people
•            Does your article have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion?
•            Have you included clear topic sentences to introduce the main body paragraphs?
•            Have you used the correct tense(s) throughout?
•            Have you used a variety of adjectives and descriptive language?
•            Have you justified the character adjectives you have used?
•            Have you included appropriate linking words and mannerisms and used mild language for negative character descriptions?
•            Have you used your senses to make your character more interesting?
Have you checked your spelling and grammar?


a) Understanding a rubric
•     In pairs Ss read the rubric and answer the
•     Select a pair to explain the details of the
task to the class.
Answer Key
You could describe a family member, a
neighbour, someone in your local area, a
famous person (alive or dead).
For someone who is alive, you would use present
tenses. For someone who is dead or someone
you no longer see, you would use past tenses.
You should write 5 paragraphs according to the
paragraph plan in the Ss’ Book.
Writing an article to describe
•     Allow Ss time to plan and write their article.
•      Remind Ss to use the checklist. If necessary,
Ss can complete the task as homework.
Suggested Answer Key
A Person I Admire
Alison and I went to secondary school together,
but we didn’t become friends until she left
school and I moved to the same town as her. I
always thought she was different and admired
her for not caring about what people thought of
her. Suddenly, we found ourselves spending a lot
of time together and we became really close. I
have always admired her individuality and her
sense of style. As you enter a room you notice
her unique clothes - bright garments that have 
a sense of fun. She is a qualified hairdresser,
so she is always experimenting with her hair!
You never know from one day to the next what
she will look like! She is far from boring!
Another thing I admire about Alison is her
calm personality. She never seems to be in a
hurry. She is both patient and caring.
Moreover, she is good at giving advice. However,
she does tend to take ages to make decisions
and in that way she is very different from me.
But, I think that she is wise not to rush into
things. In her free time she likes to take up new
hobbies. She is far more adventurous than I am
and I often wish I was more like her. There
seems to be nothing she can’t turn her hand to
- she designs jewellery, makes her own clothes
and paints landscapes. She is very creative. But
the most important thing of all is that she
makes an effort to keep our friendship going.
She regularly writes, calls and comes to visit. I
think we will be very good friends for a long
time to come. I sincerely hope so.

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