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Привет! Помогите совместить текст с картинкой. Unit 2. Section 4. № 104. ГДЗ Английский язык Enjoy English 9 класс Биболетова.

Read the text about the British floral symbols and match the pictures with the parts of the text.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has four historic parts: England with its capital in London, Scotland with its capital in Edinburgh, Wales with its capital in Cardiff and Northern Ireland with its capital in Belfast. The floral symbol of England is the RED ROSE. Earlier, it decorated the arms of the House of Lancaster. The Lancastrians argued for the throne of England with the Yorkists whose arms had a white rose. The war for the throne between the Lancastrians and the
Yorkists became known in the history of the country as the War of the Red and White Rose. It lasted 30 years (1455—1485). When the Lancastrians won the war, their arms of the Red Rose became the symbol of the whole England.
The Scottish symbol is a wild plant called the THISTLE. At one point,
the Scandinavians planned to attack a Scottish village. But since
the Scots knew they were coming, they started to prepare for war.
Late at night, the Scandinavians came in their bare feet so as to not
awaken the Scottish warriors in the village. But the thorns of the thistle
hurt their bare feet. Their howls of pain pierced the silence and the Scots awoke to fight the enemy.
The Welsh symbol is a vegetable called the LEEK (or, on occasion, the flower, the daffodil). The patron saint of Wales, David, ate only leeks
and bread. In memory of this Christian saint, the leek became the symbol of Wales. Daffodils which burst into flames by the 1st of March celebrate the revered Welsh saint.
The Irish symbol is another wild plant called the SHAMROCK. This plant helped St Patrick explain to the people of his country what the Holy Trinity is. The historic colours of the parts are: England, WHITE, Scotland. BLUE, Wales, RED, Northern Ireland, GREEN. Sport teams of the nation’s wear these colours.


Прочтите текст о британских символах-цветах и соедините картинки с частями текста.
1. — С; 2. — А; 3. — D; 4. - В.

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