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Помогите с обсуждением вопросов. Unit 2. Section 4. № 111. ГДЗ Английский язык Enjoy English 9 класс Биболетова.

Discuss as a class the following questions:
a)    Do you believe that what you have learned will help you understand our world
community better?
b) Do you think that what you have learned about the countries in this unit will
help you to contribute better to your community and understand how we can
cooperate with each other?
c)    What else do we need to live happily in the "global village"?


Обсудите следующие вопросы.
a) In my opinion, the knowledge that we have learned in this section will certainly help us to understand our world community better. Firstly, we learned a lot about travelling; secondly, we understood what the idea of the “global village” is. Thirdly, we discussed some reasons which explain why we should try to live in peace. Fourthly, we learned a lot of new information about the Russian Federation, the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. And, finally, we have read some very interesting legends about the floral symbols of the countries of the UK and a lot of new information about symbols, emblems and flags. In my opinion, all the information which we have learned is very beneficial for our understanding of the world’s community, as we have understood that all the people, all countries and nations are absolutely different, but that doesn’t mean that some people are better and the other are worse; just the opposite, it means, that we all are equal. That’s why we must try to understand other people and to live in peace.
b)   I think there is no doubt that all the information given in this unit is very beneficial for us. At first, we must appreciate our native country and learn more about its culture and history. Besides that, we should learn information about those countries, the language of which we study and, of course, about other countries too, because this greatly broadens our mind and helps us to understand each other better so that we could cooperate with each other and avoid big conflicts.
c)   At first we must learn to live in peace and to understand each other. This will help us to avoid conflicts. We should always remember about other people but not just do everything we want. Besides that, we should try to forgive each other, because if we won’t do that and would always try to revenge, there will be quarrels and conflicts and nothing positive in our life; you should remember that every person can make a mistake because we all are people, and if you imagine yourself in another person’s place, you will understand that maybe he was right. We should take care of our relatives and friends, because they are the dearest people in our life.

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