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Помогите описать путешествие. Unit 2. Section 2. № 66. ГДЗ Английский язык Enjoy English 9 класс Биболетова.

Describe the most awful trip you have ever had. It can be a real or an imaginary story. Use the following guidelines, but feel free to change them when necessary; Then write down your story.
to make up my / our mind to travel to...
to decide to go by air / train / car / etc
to pack my personal things
to have too much / little luggage
to lose / forget the ticket / luggage
to pay extra money for overweight
to board the plane / the ship
to occupy the seat
to take off / to set off
to miss the plane / train
to be delayed
to arrive in / at... too late
to sleep in a park


Опишите наиболее ужасную свою поездку. Это может быть реальная или воображаемая история. Используйте подсказки, но в случае необходимости изменяйте их. Затем запишите свою историю.
 Once I made up my mind to travel to another country during my holidays. I chose the Great Britain and started to prepare for my journey. I packed my suitcase thoroughly and took only essential personal things with me. I decided to travel by air, as it seemed very exciting for me. Besides that, it is the fastest mean of transport, so I had an opportunity to save a couple of days on my way to the Great Britain and back. Although I tried to take only the most essential things, still my luggage was too big and I had to take quite a big suitcase with me. Of course, I couldn’t take that suitcase on the board as a hand luggage so it was taken to the baggage compartment. In several hours I was already in the Great Britain. But my suitcase wasn’t there. I was told that it was sent by another air liner, which had a delay in the airport, so I had to wait for my bag for a few hours. However, I didn’t like the idea and decided first to find a hotel, and then return to the airport and get my suitcase. So, in a few hours I arrived at the airport. The woman responsible for the baggage compartment asked me how bag looked. I told her that it was big and blue, with two big pockets and she soon brought me such a bag. It ended well, but still I think that it was I he worst holiday in my life, though the most exciting too.

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