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Помогите обсудить вопросы. Unit 2. Section 2. № 67. ГДЗ Английский язык Enjoy English 9 класс Биболетова.

Discuss the following questions.
•       Can travelling be dangerous nowadays?
•       What dangers can a traveller face today?
•       What knowledge and skills can be useful for a traveller nowadays?


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In my opinion, travelling can be dangerous nowadays, if you don’t follow the elementary safety rules. But, of course, it doesn’t mean that you should be afraid of travelling, you should just always remember to be careful during your trip, especially if you travel on your own.
Of course, it is good to know basic rules of the first aid and self-defence, but there are also a lot very important rules which will help you to avoid big problems while being abroad. At first, you should buy a package tour to another country only in a well-known and reliable tourist agency. In the airport, in the hotel, in the street, on the beach — everywhere you should be careful and remember that there are a lot of different people around you, who can be actually not so good as they seems, so you should try to avoid too close communication with those people, whom you don’t know well. You should also keep your documents, money and other precious things in a safe place and if they are in your bag with you, you should always keep it close to your body or look at it from time to time, especially in a crowded place.

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