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Помогите найти слова в тексте. Модуль (Module) 7. Extensive Reading № 3. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 6 класс Ваулина.

Read again and find five words related to material.
Dolls that sing and dance, cars that move at the touch of a button and aeroplanes that fly are the toys that make children happy today. Now, let’s take a journey into the past. What toys were there in a child’s playground in the 18th century or the Victorian times?
In those times, building bricks with letters of the alphabet on them were very common. Toys of this kind helped children learn while playing. Other toys such as model kitchens, doll’s houses, toy stoves and tea sets taught girls how to run a home, Dolls of wood, clay and wax were also very popular with girls and prepared them to become mothers. As for boys, tool kits, trains, cars, trucks and garages gave them an interest in engineering. Both boys and girls, though loved their rocking horses, and teddy bears.
Things for children from poor families were different. They played mostly on the street and they didn't have money to buy new dolls or toy cars. They used mud, tin caps, old clothes and their imagination to make their own toys.
No matter how old or new, expensive or cheap toys are, they always have a special place in children’s hearts, throughout the ages.


 Прочитайте снова и найдите 5 слов, связанных с материалом.
Wood, clay, wax, mud, tin

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ГДЗ, Крючкова, история, 6 класс. § 19 Задание №3

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