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Перечислите 3E № 2 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Opinion essays require your clear opinion on a topic,
supported by reasons and examples. They should contain: an
introduction (stating the topic & your opinion), a main body
(several paragraphs each with a topic sentence presenting a
separate viewpoint supported by reasons/examples, and
including a paragraph presenting the opposing viewpoint) & a
conclusion (restating your opinion in other words).
Points to consider:
•      Decide on your opinion before you start writing i.e.
whether you agree/disagree and how strongly, as this will
affect the structure of your essay.
•      Use present tenses and formal style, avoiding colloquial
expressions, short forms & personal examples.
•      Include phrases to express your opinion, a variety of
appropriate linking words and interesting techniques to
begin/end your essay a quotation, a rhetorical question.
Useful Language:
To express opinion: In my opinion/view, It seems to me that,
The way i see it, To my mind, I (strongly/completely) agree/
disagree/believe that, I am totally against
To list points: First of all, In the first place, Firstly/Secondly,
To start with, To begin with
To add more points: Also, Moreover, Furthermore, In addition,
Besides, Apart from this, Another major reason
To introduce contrasting viewpoints: On the other hand,
However, It is argued that, Opponents of this view say
To introduce examples: for example/instance, such as, in
particular, especially
To conclude: To sum up, In conclusion, All in all, All things
considered, Taking everything into account


a) Reading to understand structure,
sequence and content
•      Read the essay on p. 55 to the class and
draw Ss' attention to paragraphs A-E.
•      Explain the task. Ss work individually.
•      Ss listen to the recording and check their
•    Elicit answers to the questions in the rubric
from Ss around the class.
Answer Key
A 3 (second viewpoint with reasons/examples)
B 1 (statement of topic and writer’s opinion)
C 5 (the writer’s opinion in other words)
D 2 (first viewpoint with reasons/examples)
E 4 (opposing viewpoint with reasons/
b) Identifying the writer’s opinion
•      Read out the questions in the rubric and
elicit answers from various Ss around the
•      Confirm the correct answers.
Answer Key
The writer’s opinion is that having a part-time
job is an advantage for teenagers.
The writer expresses this opinion in the 1st
and 5th paragraphs using: In my view ..., I
believe ... and the way I see it... .

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