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Объясните слова Going Green 1 № 4 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Explain the words in bold, then use some of them in sentences of your own.


Expanding vocabulary
•     Ss explain the words in bold by giving a
definition, synonym, miming, etc. Encourage Ss
to try to guess the meaning of the word from
the context before using their dictionaries to
check their guesses.
•    Ss make sentences using the new vocabulary.
Suggested Answer Key
set up: arrange for sth to happen
take turns: alternate with someone
limited raw materials: few basic resources
preserve landfill space: not use up land in
rubbish dumps
reduce: make smaller
greenhouse gases: substances that cause the
atmosphere to get hotter
time-consuming: taking a long time
councils: local governing bodies
remove: take away
wastes: does not use well
services:     public assistance provided by
sick and tired: extremely bored
concrete jungle:                 aggressive urban
filtering out pollutants: reducing poisonous
substances in the air
1    My friends and I set up a study group to
help us prepare for the exams.
2     My sister and I take it in turns to do the
washing up.
3     By recycling we can help preserve the
amount of limited raw materials in the
4     Cutting down on the amount of rubbish we
produce helps to preserve landfill space.
5     Many shops reduce the price of items to
tempt shoppers to buy their products.
6     Greenhouse gases are harmful for the
ozone layer.
7     Preparing nutritious meals needn’t be
8     It is the responsibility of local councils to
collect the rubbish from the streets.
9     It is extremely difficult to remove a red
wine stain from a light carpet.
10     Leaving the lights on when you are not in
the room wastes energy.
11     I am quite happy with the services my
local community offers.
12    My mum is sick and tired of tidying up
after my little brother.
13    Many big cities are unpleasant to live in
because they resemble a concrete jungle.
14    It is a good idea to have plants in your house
as they are good at filtering out pollutants

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