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Объедините слова № 129 ГДЗ Английский 9 класс Биболетова М.З.

Match the words and their definitions. Use the dictionary when necessary.


 Объедините слова и их пояснения. Используйте словарь, если необходимо.
A dragon is an unreal animal from tales and legends that normally has several heads and a tail; it can fly and shoot flames from its mouth; the most habitual food is princesses and knights.
1)    Rescue is to save somebody from danger in a place where he/she is kept against his/her will.
2)    An irony is a form of humour in which we use words in their opposite meaning; writers and filmmakers often use it to amuse their readers or spectators.
3)    A parody is a story or a film where you can recognize some other well-known story or film; the characters behave unexpectedly and it amuses the readers or spectators.
4)    A knight is a young handsome man who is in love with some beautiful princess; he usually saves her from a tower where she is kept by some witch or wizard.
5)   An ogre is a cruel and ugly creature in stories for children; he lives deep in the woods and is thought to eat children (sometimes even adults).

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