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Найдите 1E № 8 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a)   Read the theory box, then find an example
of this technique in the model in Ex. 3.
Using the senses in descriptions.
When describing a person, we can use our senses. Sight: Instead of saying: She is untidy you can say: As you enter her room you see her things lying everywhere; her clothes on the bed, her books on the carpet and all of her CDs on her desk.
Sound: Instead of saying: She is always talking you can say: You can always hear her chattering away. It’s difficult to get a word in when you’re with her.
Smell: Instead of saying: Uncle Harry had a great garden with lots of roses you can say: The scent of hundreds or roses filled the air of Uncle Harry’s garden.
Taste: Instead of saying: She was an excellent cook you can say: You could tell she was an excellent cook from the first bite of her delicious, crunchy biscuits.
Touch: Instead of saying: She had nice skin you can say: Her skin was smooth and silky like a newborn baby’s.
b)  Use the ideas in brackets to rewrite the sentences.
1  Anna had a quiet voice. (speak in soft, gentle voice/sometimes hardly hear her)
► Anna spoke in such a soft, gentle voice that sometimes you could hardly hear her.
2  Dave likes to be smart. (clean-shaven/dress in suit, tie/neatly-combed hair)
3  She wore nice perfume. (always smell beautiful/like sweet, fresh, summer flowers)
4  Sam is always happy. (have wide smile/make skin wrinkle around eyes)
5  I like my mum’s hair. (love/run fingers through/soft, silky hair)
6  She is a very loving person. (always touch on arm/hug me)
7   Angie is an excellent dancer. (move expertly to rhythm/glide across floor/when dance)


a)  Understanding how to use the
senses in descriptions
•      Brainstorm the five senses with the class and
write them on the board. Ask Ss why it is a
good idea to use the senses when we describe
something (it brings the description to life
and makes it more interesting to read).
•     Read the theory box with Ss. Allow Ss a
minute or so to find an example of this
technique in the model in Ex. 2. Confirm the
correct answer.
Answer Key
She’s always humming her favourite songs,
too, whatever she’s doing.
b)  Rewriting sentences
•      Read out the rubric and the example
sentence with Ss.
•     Allow Ss some time to complete the rest of
the exercise individually. Check Ss’ answers.
Answer Key
2     Dave is clean-shaven and dresses in a suit
and tie with neatly-combed hair.
3     She always smelled beautiful like sweet
fresh summer flowers.
4     Sam has a wide smile that makes the skin
wrinkle around his eyes.
5     I love to run my fingers through my mum’s
soft, silky hair.
6     She is always touching my arm and hugging me.
Angie moves expertly to the rhythm and

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