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Найдите 1D № 5 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Read the theory box. Find examples of verbal irony in the extract.
Verbal irony
Verbal irony is a device authors use to illustrate their characters more strongly and help the reader understand them better. Irony is when a person says something that is the opposite of what is true.


Understanding verbal irony
•     Select a S to read the theory box to the class.
•      Explain the task and set a time limit of 8-10
minutes for Ss to find examples.
•     Ss share ideas with the class.
Answer Key
... the most devoted friend of all was big
Hugh the Miller. (lines 1-2)
... so devoted was the rich miller to little
Hans, ... .(lines 2-3)
“Real friends should have everything in
common,” (line 7)
... and felt very proud of having a friend with
such noble ideas. (lines 8-9)
... nothing gave him greater pleasure than to
listen to all the wonderful things the Miller
used to say about the unselfishness of true
friendship. (lines 14-16)
... and he will be able to give me a large
basket of primroses and that will make him so
happy, (lines 28-29)
“It is quite a treat to hear you talk about
friendship.” (line 32)
“You are certainly very thoughtful about
others..., very thoughtful indeed. (lines 30-32)
“I am sure the clergyman himself could not say
such beautiful things as you do. (lines 33-34)
“I am his best friend, and I will always watch
over him, and see that he is not led into any
temptations.” (lines 43-45)
“How well you talk!” (line 49)
“Lots of people act well, ... “but very few
people talk well, which shows that talking is
much the more difficult thing of the two, and
much the finer thing also;” (lines 51-53)

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