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Напишите Culture Corner 3 № 5 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Portfolio: Write a short text about a
famous monument in your country. Include:=
•  what/where the monument is
•  what it means/represents
•  what a visitor can see/do there


Writing a short text about a famous monument in your country
•      Brainstorm famous Russian monuments with Ss
and write them up on the board.
•      Read through the rubric and check Ss'
comprehension by asking: What information do
you need to include in your writing?
•      Allow Ss time to complete the task in class.
Alternatively, the task can be assigned as HW.
•     Ss present their work to the class in the next
Suggested Answer Key
The Mausoleum of Lenin, also known as ‘Lenin’s
Tomb’ is situated in Red Square. It is the final
resting place of Vladimir Lenin, the first
Premier of Soviet Russia. His embalmed body
has been on display there since he died in 1924,
with the exception of a few years during the
war when his body was evacuated to Siberia.
The original mausoleum was made of wood and
was designed by architect Alexei Ivanovich


Abrikosov. He was given just three days to
complete its construction. The tomb was built
to enable people to say their last goodbyes to
Lenin. Five days after Lenin’s death, it was
decided to place the tomb by the Kremlin Wall
in Red Square. More than 100, 000 people
visited the tomb within a month and a half.
By October 1930 the tomb had been enlarged
using a variety of materials, such as marble,
granite and labradorite. It is an impressive
structure, influenced by the great pyramids
and the tombs of the Middle East.
As the mausoleum is only open three days a
week (Tuesday-Thursday) for a few hours each
morning, people normally have to wait in a
long queue to see Lenin. Many place a single
flower in front of him to pay their last
respects. It is strictly forbidden to take
photographs or talk while inside.
However, Lenin is considered to be a controversial figure, and many people believe that his body should be removed from Red Square and buried.

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