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Напишите 1D № 9 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a) Portfolio: In the next section of the story, the winter is over and the Miller goes to visit Hans. Write the dialogue between these two characters. Read out your dialogue to the class.
b) Listen to the actual dialogue. How does it compare to yours?
Read the joke. Why does the other speaker call him ‘stranger’?


a)  Writing and acting out a dialogue
•      Brainstorm possible ideas for how the story
might continue. Write them on the board.
•     Allow Ss some time to write their dialogues.
•     Ss pair up to read out their dialogues to the
Suggested Answer Key
The Miller: Hans, my good friend. How was
the winter?
Hans: Ah, Hugh, it’s so good to see you. Winter
was freezing cold and I had to burn chairs to
keep warm.
The Miller: Never mind! Hardship is good for the
soul and too much furniture only gathers dust.
Hans: Some days I didn’t even have enough to
eat. And look - all I have today are these two
raw potatoes.
The Miller: Excellent! Just what I need to go
with the roast chicken my wife’s cooking for
lunch. Do you mind if I borrow them?
Hans: Er, no, but...
The Miller: We’re having a party tonight and
everyone in the village is invited. There’s
going to be food, drink and dancing. I’d invite
you but I know you only have those dirty rags
to wear. And it’d be very noisy.
Hans: Well, I wouldn’t mind ...
The Miller: Never mind. I’ll call round next
week and if you buy me lunch, I’ll tell you
about the party. Bye!
b)   Listening to the next section
of the story
• Play the recording to the class. Ss say how it
compares to their versions.
(Ss’ own answers)
Miller: Good morning, little Hans.
Hans: Good morning.
Miller: And how have you been all winter?
Hans: Well, really, it is very good of you to ask, very
good indeed. I am afraid I had rather a hard time of it,
but now the spring has come, and I am quite happy, and
all my flowers are doing well.
Miller: We often talked of you during the winter, Hans,
and wondered how you were getting on.
Hans: That was kind of you. I was half afraid you had
forgotten me.
Miller: Hans, I am surprised at you. Friendship never
forgets. How lovely your primroses are looking, by the
Hans: They are certainly very lovely, and it is a most
lucky thing for me that I have so many. I am going to
bring them into the market and sell them to the
Burgomaster’s daughter, and buy back my wheelbarrow
with the money.
Miller: Buy back your wheelbarrow? You don’t mean to
say you have sold it? What a very stupid thing to do!

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