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Lesson 7. № 13. ГДЗ Английский язык 5 класс Верещагина. Помогите сказать в прошедшем времени

Say what the people were doing yesterday at different time.
Example: Robert was speaking on the phone at 2.45 yesterday.
1.        Robert (2.45/to speak) on the phone.
2.        Nelly and Ann (11.30/to move) into a new flat.
3.        Mrs Brown (5.45/to sell) vegetables.
4.        The Greens (8.00/to sail) to St. Petersburg.
5.        Pete and Jack (7.00/to fight) each other.
6.        Bill (10.15/to prepare) for his classes.
7.        Andrew and Ted (4.30/listen to) the music.


Скажите, что люди делали вчера в разное время.
2.      Nelly and Ann were moving in a new flat at 11.30 yesterday.
3.      Mrs Brown was selling vegetables at 5.45 yesterday.
4.      The Greens were sailing to St. Petersburg at 8.00 yesterday.
5.      Pete and Jack were fighting with each other at 7.00 yesterday.
6.      Bill was preparing for his classes at 10.15 yesterday.
7.      Andrew and Ted were listening to the music at 4.30 yesterday.





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