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Lesson 30. № 8. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина. Нужна помощь с прилагательными

Which of these adjectives describe your home/town best? Say why.
quiet, busy, dirty, clean, beautiful, famous, interesting, old, young


Какие из этих прилагательных лучше всего описывают ваш
дом/город? Скажите почему.
I think the adjective «busy» describes my town best, because eight million
people live and work in Moscow. Life never stops in the main streets. My
city isn’t quiet, it’s always noisy. For example, you can’t go to bed until
midnight if you live in Tverskaya, because it’s very noisy there. I think my
city is clean and dirty at the same time. The center of the city is usually
clean, but other parts of the town are sometimes dirty. My city isn’t young,
but it’s not too old. Many Russian cities are much older. I’m sure my city
is very beautiful and interesting. There are many places of interest to visit
in my city. Of course, my city is very famous. Moscow’s museums and
galleries are the best in the world.

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