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Lesson 30. № 7. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина. Помогите задать вопросы

You are going on a trip to London. Interview vour friend who has just come from London. Ask him/her what places are interesting to visit there.


Вы собираетесь поехать в Лондон. Расспросите друга, который
только что вернулся из Лондона. Спросите у него, какие места
стоит посетить?
What places of interest can you advise me to visit in London?
Which one of London’s churches is the most beautiful?
St. Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey?
Is it interesting to visit bridges over the river Thames?
What bridge is the most beautiful?
Do you think you visited all London’s places of interest during this trip?
Are the monuments and statues in Westminster Abbey beautiful?
What do you think of the Museum in the White Tower?
Is it interesting to stand in Parliament Square just to listen to the sound of
Big Ben’s bell?
Is this sound more beautiful than the sound of the Spasskaya Tower?
You liked all the places of interest, didn’t you?
Is the British Museum larger than the Pushkin Museum?
Which part of London did you visit first: the City, the West End or the
East End?
Is it interesting to visit London’s Parks?

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