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Как путешествовать дешевле? Unit 2. Section 2. № 82. ГДЗ Английский язык Enjoy English 9 класс Биболетова.

Travelling costs good money. Discuss how to travel at a lower cost and explain which ideas in the bubbles seem to be the most realistic. Then suggest some of your own ideas.


Путешествие стоит хороших денег. Обсудите, как путешествовать за более низкую плату, и разъясните идеи, стараясь придерживаться реальности. Затем предложите несколько собственных идей.
In my opinion, all of these ideas are realistic for different people. But you have to be one of the best team players or one of the most students at the university if you want to travel with your team or by an exchange programme. That is difficult, but it is realistic. If speaking about taking part in an international competition or contest, there you usually have to pay for your trip to a foreign country if you are invited there to the final round. And the idea of having a penfriend is also interesting, but it also doesn’t mean that your penfriend will pay for your trip, for example, for the tickets to another country and back. I think that the idea of working abroad during the holidays is more realistic and simple. Of course, you shouldn’t just go there and then start to look for a job. You should better go to a special organization which helps students to find a job in another country and supports them while they are abroad. Another way of saving money while travelling is just to travel by passing cars. It is quite unusual, but some people manage to travel a lot this way.

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