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Используй 1E № 3 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Use adjectives from the table to complete Jane’s description. Find pictures of your family members and  escribe them to your partner.
Jane is quite good-looking. She’s slim with
... and ... hair. She’s pale-skinned with a
... nose. She always looks well-dressed in
... clothes.
Personality and behaviour
•        When describing someone’s personality, use a variety of character adjectives and justify them with an explanation or example. Lyn is very shy. She doesn’t tike going to parties.
•         If you describe negative qualities, use mild language. Use: tend to, seem to, is rather, can sometimes be etc. Josh can sometimes be rather selfish. (NOT: Josh is-selfish.)


a) Matching words and headings
•     Ss' books closed, brainstorm vocabulary for
the headings in Ex. 3a and write suggestions
up on the board.
•     Ss' books open, read through the headings
and vocabulary given in Ex. 3a. Check Ss'
comprehension by using Ss' L1 as necessary.
•     Allow Ss a few minutes to find the relevant
vocabulary from the article in Ex. 2.
•     Check Ss' answers.
Answer Key
HEIGHT: tall
BUILD: slender
AGE: late teens
COMPLEXION: dark-skinned
FACE: attractive, high cheekbones, long, oval
HAIR: shoulder-length, brown, ponytail
EYES: almond-shaped
CLOTHES: fashionable
b)  Describing people using pictures
•      Focus Ss' attention on the photo of Jane.
Explain to Ss that they must complete the
description of her physical appearance using
vocabulary from Ex. 3a.
•     Ss write their answers and compare with a
•      Read the notes on personality and behaviour
as a class. Invite Ss to come up with their
own examples.
Suggested Answer Key
1    Jane is quite good-looking. She’s slim with a
round face and brown curly hair. She’s pale-
skinned with an upturned nose. She always
looks well-dressed in fashionable clothes.
2    Bob is tall with short red hair. He is in his
mid-thirties with a freckled face and a long
nose. He loves to dress in formal clothes.
3     Megan is in her fifties and has shoulder-
length grey hair. She has a heart-shaped
face and sad eyes.
4     Steve is tall and well-built. He shaves his
head because he is going bald but he keeps a
goatee because he says his chin is too pointy.
5      Laura is short for her age and quite petite.
She has an oval face with a cheeky grin that
is framed by her long brown hair usually in
a ponytail.

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