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ГДЗ.Английский язык.4 класс.Верещагина.Round-up Lessons - курс повторения.Lesson 2.Одежда: времена года, погода, цветаЗадание 9.

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Discuss in the groups the following:
—     what clothes you would like to buy;
—     what your parents usually wear;
 —     what your favourite colours are;
—     what you know about this year’s fashions.1


Я могу:
3.       Обсудите в группе следующее:
-        Что вы знаете о том, что модно в этом году
People choose light clothes this year. Light blouses and jeans are very
fashionable now. Small caps look great this year. Light coats are better
than overcoats at the moment. But the fashion is changing very
quickly now and nobody knows what it will be tomorrow.
-        Что обычно носят ваши родители
Му father usually wears trousers and overcoats or raincoats. Over-
coats suit him well. My mother likes blouses and skirts. She looks
great in these clothes.
-        Что из одежды, вы хотели бы купить
I would like to buy clothes which are my size. I like to wear clothes
that suit me all right. I usually choose grey or green trousers and blue
or white shirts.
-        Назовите ваши любимые цвета
Му favourite colours are bright. I like white, yellow, green and red

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