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6. Прочитайте диалог и ответьте на во­просы. Ваулина 8 класс Английский в фокусе, Spotlight. Модуль 4. Раздел 4b

Read the dialogue and answer the questions.
1      Why is Lisa not ready yet?
2      Why doesn’t Clive approve of her first choice of outfit?
3      Why can't Lisa wear her black trousers and velvet top?
4      Why does Clive decide not to wear his jeans?
Clive: I can’t believe you aren’t ready yet, Lisa! The party starts
in less than an hour!
Lisa: I don't know what to wear! Would you mind helping me
Clive: OK. Did you have anything in mind?
Lisa: I was thinking of wearing my baggy trousers and that
purple shirt I got for my birthday. What do you think?
Clive: Those clothes are far too casual! Why don’t you wear
your black trousers with that nice velvet top, instead?
Lisa: They don’t fit me any more. I’ve grown taller lately and
they are too short for me now. Besides, I don’t have any
shoes that match.
Clive: What about that black silk dress?
Lisa: I haven’t worn that for ages, but, why not? Thanks for
your advice Clive! You’re the best brother in the world.
By the way, when are you going to get dressed?
Clive: Erm ... I’m already dressed.
Lisa: Hang on a minute, you’re not wearing those scruffy old
jeans to the party, are you?
Clive: Well, I was going to, but seeing as you look so smart ...
Can you help me choose something else?
Lisa: Sure.



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