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57. Read the conversation. Guess Nikita and Olivia’s questions. Биболетова М. З. 6 класс Английский Enjoy English Модуль 2 Раздел 4

Read the conversation. Guess Nikita and Olivia’s questions.
Nikita: ...?
Alice: At 8.30 when Registration begins. The teacher writes down
whether the student is in school or not in a special book. Then
the teacher tells us what events will take place that day or that
week. Then we have the first lesson, which lasts an hour.
Olivia: ...?
Alice: No, I have lessons in different classrooms and places around the school.
And different teachers conduct different lessons.
Nikita: ...?
Alice: Five or six. We finish at 3.15 pm.
Olivia: ...?
Alice: Parents and pupils in primary schools always address teachers by
their surname, for example Mr, Mrs or Miss Smith. But in secondary
schools, we usually address teachers as Miss or Sir.
Nikita: ...?
Alice: My mother gives me a packed lunch to take to school and I have my
lunch after the 4th period at 1.30 pm, when we have a 40-minute
break for lunch. Sometimes, I have lunches in the canteen.
Olivia: ...?
Alice: Three times a week I stay for clubs. There are lots of different clubs which you
can go to at lunch time or after school: for example, dance, tennis, cooking,
music and chess. I joined the photography club last year. I am also a member of a
theatre group which puts on a play at the end of each year.
Nikita: ...?
Alice: We performed Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. It was
a great success. I played the part of the Queen and my classmate Sophia was Alice.
Olivia: ...?
Alice: The school has very good sports facilities: tennis courts, a big gym and a large
sports field where students play football. Jim spends almost every afternoon there.
Nikita: ...?
Alice: We have got different school events: school trips, music concerts, Maths week,
Science week, festivals etc. I like to travel so school trips are my favourite school
event. During the holidays, we go camping in Wales. It’s really a great adventure!
As for Jim, he prefers Sports Day, which is full of different sports competitions.


57. Прочитай диалог. Догадайся, какие вопросы задали Никита и Оливия.
1.      When does your school begin?
2.      Do you have lessons in the same classroom?
3.      How many lessons do you usually have?
4.      How do you address your teachers?
5.      Do you have a lunch at school?
4.      When do you go to eat in the canteen?
5.      What play did you perform last year?
6.      Has your school any sports facilities?
7.      What kind of events have you got in your school?

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