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ГДЗ, английский язык, верещагина, spotlight, афанасьева 9класс Задание 7е № 5а

Which of the highlighted words/phrases in the text do the following:
1 A recent survey found that 80% of computer
games played by youngsters have some violence in
them. Should violent video games be banned to avoid
any harmful influences on children?
2 There are some
advantages to banning
violent computer games. To
start with, they promote violence and crime as entertainment, making them seem glamorous and acceptable. Consequently, children may think it is
alright to be aggressive in real life. Also, game heroes
are often invincible and children sometimes confuse
fantasy and reality. As a result, they may not
understand that real violence has real consequences.
3 On the other hand, there are some arguments against banning violent video games. Firstly, they are
an outlet for children to let off steam. Fighting the
bad guys in a game can release tension and may
make children calmer and less aggressive in real life. Secondly, playing video games can build different
skills. Shooting games, for example, help children
develop co-ordination skills.
4 All in all, there are arguments both for and
against the banning of violent video games. I
strongly believe it should be up to individual parents
to decide what games their children play and
therefore they should not be banned.
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Introduce points — to start with, firstly.
List/add points — also, secondly.
Show contrast — on the other hand.
Introduce examples/justifications — consequently, as a result, for example.
Conclude — all in all.

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