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ГДЗ, английский язык, верещагина, spotlight, афанасьева 9класс Задание 6d №3

Match the sentences to make exchanges.
Listen and check, then say where each is taking place.
Which words helped you decide?
1    Two stamps, please.
2    Two second-class tickets to Manchester, please.
3     I’d like to send this parcel to France, please.
4     I’m just returning these books.
5     I’d like to withdraw some money from my account.
6     I’d like to open an account, please.
7     Which platform does the 8:30 from London arrive at?
8     Excuse me, have you got ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone?’
a Single or return?
b Platform twelve,
c Certainly. How much?
d I’m afraid it’s out right now. Would you like to reserve it?
e First or second class?
f OK. Could you fill in this form?
g They’re a week overdue. That’s one pound, please,
h Can you put it on the scales?
 Помогите подобрать пары, а то я уже не соображаю, что и куда((((


1)   е;
2)    а;
3)    h;
4)    g;
5)    с;
6)    f;
7)    b;
8)    d.
1 post office — stamps;
2)    railway station — tickets, single, return;
3)    post office — parcel, scales;
4)  library — books, overdue;
5)  bank — draw some money out, how much;
6)  bank — open an account, fill in a form;
7)  railway station — which platform, the 8.30, platform twelve;
8)  library — out right now, reserve.
Я думаю так правильно будет.

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Нажимая кнопку «отправить», вы принимаете условия  пользовательского соглашения
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