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ГДЗ, английский язык, верещагина, spotlight, афанасьева 9класс Задание 6a №3 Read the text again and match the headings to the paragraphs.

Read the text again and match the headings to the paragraphs. There is one that you do not need to use. Compare answers
with a partner.
1 I started working at the animal shelter after school a year ago. Some people came to my school to give a talk about ways teens can help out in the community. I liked the idea of getting involved with something worthwhile, and as I’ve always loved animals the shelter seemed the natural choice for me.
2 Basically. I help out for a couple of hours about twice a week, more in the holidays. Sometimes I help the staff members feed and clean and exercise the animals. Other times, I answer phone calls or help members of the public to choose a pet. Last year during the summer holidays, I also spoke to some groups of children about looking after pets properly and the importance of showing kindness to animals. I especially enjoyed that!
3 When most people think of animal shelters,
they think of cats and dogs. Well, there are plenty of
both at our shelter, but there are sometimes farm
animals there, too. such as horses, sheep, goats,
chickens, ducks and once, even a llama who we
named Jack! Most of the animals are either brought
to the shelter by their owners because they can no
longer take care of them, or they are removed from
their homes because they are not being looked after properly. Once I went with a member of staff to
rescue a pony from a farm where it had been
extremely neglected. I found it hard not to burst into
tears when I first saw the pony, but I was pleased to
report that he made a full recovery at the shelter.
4 Some of the animals need more care than
usual, so a foster home is found for them. I have
taken home two little kittens before, as well as an
injured guinea pig and a puppy that had been found abandoned in a rubbish bin. Sometimes my mum
jokes that our house is more like a zoo than a home!
5 Summer is the busiest time for shelters, with
many people simply abandoning their pets when
they go on holiday. So why not ask to volunteer at
your local shelter this summer? Or you could do
something else, such as going to a charity event, or volunteering to visit a senior citizen for a few hours a week. I've learnt a lot about myself and others
through volunteering and I've met a lot of interesting people, too!"
A Special Needs
В Summers Only
C Reasons Why
D All Shapes and Sizes
E Odd Jobs
F It All Helps
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1)   С;
2)    Е;
3)    D;
4)    А;
5)    F.

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