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Заполните пробелы Culture Corner 4 № 2 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Read the text again carefully, then complete the gaps (1-10) with derivatives of the words.
Florence Nightingale was born in 1820 to a rich family. Her parents expected her to marry and have a family. But Florence did not want
a 1).. (mean) life. She wanted to help the sick
and the poor. 2)        (event), she persuaded her
father to let her become a nurse.
In 1854, England, France and Turkey went to war against Russia
(the Crimean War). Reports began to reach England of the 3)..............................................
(terror) conditions soldiers were suffering in the army hospitals. Florence volunteered to go and help. When she arrived, she found thousands of ill and wounded soldiers living in filthy conditions.
The hospitals were 4)          (crowd) and unventilated. Soldiers lay
without proper food, bedding and 5)................................................ (cloth). There was a lack
of basic medical supplies like bandages and medicine. Rats and sewage filled the hospital corridors. Soldiers were dying in the thousands, not from their wounds but from the unsanitary conditions. Florence cleaned up the hospital, made sure the men
were fed 6)    (proper), and saw that supplies were available. She
worked almost around the clock looking after the soldiers. Florence soon became known as ‘the Lady with the Lamp’ for her
7).... (dedicate) to caring for her patients. News of her hard work
in Crimea filtered back to London. She became a celebrity. By the
time she arrived back in London, she was the most 8)..................................................................... (fame)
person in Britain after Queen Victoria.
After the war, Florence continued to work to improve conditions in hospitals. She even established a school for nursing and wrote an
9).... (influence) book on the profession. She also became an
important 10) (consult) on health issues. In fact, it was her
work after the war that changed medical care forever.
In her later years, Florence suffered from ill health. She died in 1910, at the age of ninety.


Practising word derivatives
•      Ss read the text through again and complete
the gaps individually.
•      Check Ss' answers.
Answer Key
1     meaningless                       6   properly
2      Eventually                         7   dedication
3       terrible                               8    famous
4      overcrowded                      9   influencial
5     clothing                           10 consultant

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