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Заполните предложения 4E № 6 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a) Find the adjectives that have been used to describe the
nouns below in the story. Suggest alternatives.
•      coffee • weather • wave • sea • rescue
•     performance
b Complete the sentences with the correct adverb from the box below.
•      angrily • reassuringly • anxiously • unbelievably
•      nervously • eagerly • happily
1     She hurried ..................  to the bus stop, worried that the bus
would have left.
2      George shouted ..................  at the students, his face turning
3      Sally walked................... onto the stage, trying to remember her
4      Realising how nervous I was, the doctor smiled...................... at me.
5      Jane nodded................ when I suggested going to the beach.
6      He was................. tired at the end of his long day.
7      The girls laughed and joked      on their way home.


a)  Using adjectives
•      Explain the task.
•      Ss answer individually.
•      Check Ss' answers around the class.
Answer Key
coffee: steaming hot
(burning, red-hot)
weather: terrible
(horrible, horrendous, awful)
wave: gigantic
(huge, enormous, immense, massive)
sea: stormy
(rough, violent, raging)
rescue: amazing
(astonishing, breathtaking, remarkable)
performance: brave
(courageous, bold, fearless, heroic)
Completing sentences using the
correct adverb
•      Read through the adverbs in the box and
check comprehension.
•      Explain the task. Ss answer individually.
Check Ss' answers.

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