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Запишите 4A № 7 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a) Listen and read the text again.
Do you think Simon made the right decision?
What would you have done? Why? Discuss in pairs.
b) In groups of three, take the roles of
an interviewer, Simon and Joe and prepare
questions and answers for a radio interview.
Record your interview and play it to the


a) Discussing ethical questions
raised in the text (expressing personal
•      Play the recording of the text again to Ss
and ask them to follow the written text.
•      Read out the questions in the rubric to the
•      Ss discuss in pairs.
•      Follow up with a whole-class discussion.
Suggested Answer Key
I think Simon made the right decision. I would
have done the same. It is better for one man
to die than two. There was no guarantee that
Simon would have been able to save his
friend’s life, anyway.
b) Speaking in role (a radio interview)
•      Arrange Ss in groups of three. Allocate roles.
•      Allow Ss time to prepare their questions and
•      Ss record their interviews.
•      Select some recordings to play to the class.
Suggested Answer Key
Interviewer: Welcome to the programme.
Simon: It’s nice to be here.
Interviewer: It’s quite a story you two have to
Joe: Yes, it’s truly amazing. We’re so lucky to
be alive after our climb up Siula Grande.
Interviewer: What went wrong exactly?
Simon: Everything was fine on the way up the
mountain and we weren’t expecting to have
any problems at all on the way down. You see,
we chose an easier route for our descent.
Joe: But then I slipped and I broke my leg in
three places.
Interviewer: That must have been painful!
Joe: Extremely. So, Simon tried to get me
down the mountain using a rope. But that
didn’t work very well as it was already getting
dark and before long, I was hanging over the
edge of a deep crevasse. I couldn’t climb back
up the rope as my fingers were so frostbitten.
I called out to Simon but he couldn’t hear me
- I was too far away.
Interviewer: Did you realise what was wrong,
Simon: I knew something was wrong when I
felt myself being pulled down towards the
edge of the crevasse. I tried to hold on but I
felt myself getting weaker and weaker.
Interviewer: So what did you do next?
Simon: I made the most difficult decision in
my life. I cut the rope to save my own life. I
just knew I didn’t have the strength to hold on
to Joe any longer.
Interviewer: So, you fell down the mountain,
Joe: Yes, that’s right. But miraculously, I
wasn’t killed by the fall. I was in great pain
and had no food or water, yet I was
determined to stay alive. It took me four days
but I managed to get down to safety.
Interviewer: What an amazing story! What
courage and strength! So, for all of your
listeners out there - anything is possible!

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