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Закончите диалог 3B № 7 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a) Read the sentences (A-F). What do you
expect the dialogue to be about?
A Well, it’s fine if you don’t want to pay attention, but no one else can concentrate either if you’re talking all the time.
В Yes, sometimes! And it’s really unfair on Miss Yates. She’s doing her best to prepare us well for the exam, so the least you could do is let her teach.
C I’m afraid so. You’re always messing around in the lessons, for a start. It’s not on, you know. D So you should! I’m sorry to get at you, but I feel quite strongly about this.
E Tell me something I don’t know!
F Oh, that’s a great idea. I think she’d really respect you for that.
Ь) Complete the dialogue with the sentences in Ex. 7a.
Listen and check, then read out the
dialogue. What right(s) is Adam violating?
How is he going to put the situation right?


a) Predicting the content of a dialogue
•      Read sentences A-F around the class and
explain that they come from a dialogue.
Elicit/explain the meaning of any new
•     Elicit ideas for what the dialogue might be
about. Ask Ss to justify their answers.
Suggested Answer Key
I expect the dialogue to be about a problem in a
class at school.
vocabulary: don’t pay attention, talking all the
time, unfair on Miss Yates, prepare for the
exam, let her teach
b)   Reading to understand structure,
sequence and content
•      Draw Ss' attention to the incomplete
dialogue and ask them to read it silently.
•      Ss read sentences A-F again and match them
to the appropriate gap.
•      Ss read the entire text again to check their
•      Ss listen to the recording to confirm the
correct answers.
•      Select a pair of Ss to read the dialogue to
the class.
•      Elicit answers to the questions in the rubric.
Answer Key
1     E         3    A          5    D
2       C        4    B          6    F
Adam is violating the right to be educated and
the right to be treated with respect.
He is going to apologise to his teacher

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Можно ввести 4000 cимволов
Нажимая кнопку «отправить», вы принимаете условия  пользовательского соглашения
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